Great employees aren't born; they're trained! We make learning simple, enjoyable and cost-effective. With business noew recovering from the Covid-19 lockdown, we understand that your organisation may have a limited budget for learning and development. That's why we can help you and your people with live (classroom or virtual) or self-paced online via our e-Courses.

2022 Soft Skills Courses

All courses are available as Live Online learning and as In-house Training

Work From Home (Virtual Working) Courses

  • How to Successfully Work from Home
  • How to Manage Remote Teams

Management & Leadership Courses

  •  The 7 Pillars of Management
  • How Great Managers Communicate at Work
  • Managing Others Using DISC
  • How to Overcome the Toughest Challenges as a Team Leader
  • How to Successfully Navigate Change
  • Delegate to Release Your Breaks & Grow Your Team
  • How to Be a Highly Engaging Leader
  • How to Be a Transformational Leader
  • How to Motivate Employees
  • Working with People From Different Generations
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Coaching to Improve Performance
  • The Accidental Project Manager
  • How to Hold People Accountable

Customer Service Courses

  • How to Provide Brilliant Customer Service
  • Brilliant Telephone Customer Service

Anti-Bullying. Building a Respectful Workplace

  • Overcoming Bullying and Harassment

Teamwork Courses

  • How to Create Team Chemistry to Build a Great Team
  • How to Cultivate Positive Relationships at Work
  • How to Collaborate and Work Well Together
  • How to Develop Trust Within Your Team

Meetings Courses

  • How to Run Effective Meetings
  • How to Run Effective Online Meetings

Graduate Courses

  • Graduate Courses

Business Writing Courses

  • Better Business Writing
  • How to Write Persuasive Business Reports
  • How to Write Emails that People Want to Read

Productivity Courses

  • How to Develop Positive & Productive Work Habits
  • How to Stay Focused When Your Are Crazy-Busy
  • How to Initiate & Make Things Happen
  • Time Track – Time Management
  • How to Balance Your Time & Work Priorities
  • How to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work
  • Managing Multiple Projects and Deadlines
  • Zero Inbox – Managing Email Overload

Employee Performance Courses (for Managers)

  • How to Manage Employee Performance
  • Conducting Motivating Annual Performance Appraisals
  • How to Onboard New Team Members
  • How to Conduct Behavioural Interviews

Communication Courses

  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Speak Like TED (Mastering Presentation Skills)
  • Becoming a Confident and Credible Communicator
  • Successfully Navigating Change
  • Networking Power
  • Developing Personal Assertiveness
  • Using the Psychology of Influence and Persuasion at Work and in Life
  • How to Develop Deep Listening Skills
  • How to Manage Your Emotions at Work
  • How to Take Control of Team Conflict
  • Understanding and Applying Ethics at Work
  • Business Etiquette at Work
  • Developing Your Cultural Intelligence
  • Understanding You & Me with DISC

Stress Management, Resilience & Mindfulness Courses

  • How to Be Resilient in Challenging Times
  • Having Less Stress & Being Mindful

Train the Trainer Courses

  • How to Deliver Powerful Training Sessions
  • The Highly Effective Facilitator

Sales Courses

  • Negotiating Win-Win Outcomes
  • Cold Calling for Sales Success
  • The Psychology of Professional Selling
  • Time & Territory Management
  • Overcoming Sales Objections and Closing the Sale