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Zero Inbox – Managing Email Overload

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- Zero Inbox – Managing Email Overload -

Course Overview

Today across Australia and the world, email is the most common method of business communication. However, the sheer volume and immediacy of email have made it a source of constant stress for many managers and employees. If the people in your organisation are facing the feeling of constantly, ever-expanding inboxes full of email that leaves them feeling overwhelmed today, what will it be like in 12 months? So, imagine if your employees could reduce the email in their inboxes towards “zero” every day? Well, it’s possible!

As participants learn during (what was) Australia’s first and still best email management training course, Microsoft Outlook isn’t just an email program; it’s also a robust time management system. That’s why during this training participants learn many of Outlook’s hidden features that can help save precious time and improve their email and time productivity – all by knowing how to get the email in their inbox back towards zero! Participants will gain new knowledge and skills to manage an inbox full of email efficiently, plus, learn little-known “power-tips and tricks” using tasks, contacts, calendar, notes and follow-ups.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Discover how to use speed-reading techniques to digest the information in your email quickly
  • Learn the “6 rules” for managing all incoming email that allows for both greater speed and prioritisation of those messages and embedded tasks
  • Learn the hidden features in Microsoft Outlook to convert emails quickly into related tasks, contacts, and calendar items
  • How to utilise embedded functions inside of your email that allows you to “automate” certain other common activities/messages
  • Build a personal file “infrastructure” that can assist in achieving greater organisation and possibly even “ZERO emails”!
  • Why and how you must reduce the constant distractions of email by moving to smarter email management methods, while still identifying your “most important senders” for appropriate response
  • How to manage CC’s, Forwards, and Replies, to increase communication capabilities

Training Outline

Morning Session
  • Why email overwhelm is a problem and what to do about it
  • Take the email management assessment
  • How to feel total control at work each day by using the 5-step Outlook® daily planning system
  • Using MS Outlook as a priority and time management system.
  • 1000 to zero! The process behind ‘de-cluttering’ and organising your inbox and your email and how to put it in action
  • Using Outlook® rules, categories and hacks to filter out unwanted emails automatically
  • Setting up an effective filing system in Outlook® using the ‘Streamlined Folder System’ approach
Afternoon Session
  • Managing Outlook® to getting things done and stay in control
  • Prioritising short and long-term tasks and projects in Outlook® and customising the task list
  • Organising meetings and keeping track of other people’s schedules.
  • Working effectively as a team using Outlook® to delegate tasks and book appointments, meeting rooms and team or department resources
  • Using the contacts and journal folders to manage your personal and team communication
  • The AABCDE formula for effective writing that works

Training Options

We realise every client is different. You may have only half a dozen people to train, or perhaps you’re running a conference and want a guest speaker or a trainer to undertake a high impact, short breakout session.

Whatever you have in mind, we want to help you achieve your training goals. Let’s start a conversation and find out what’s happening at your place and what you want your people to be able to do differently as a result of training. If you’re on a tight budget, we get that as well. Rest assured, we are good listeners, and we are here to help you achieve your outcomes.

  • 1-day Training (7 hours)
  • Half-Day Express (3 hours)
  • Lunch & Learn (60 minutes)
  • Online Training (Self-paced)
  • One-on-One (Zoom) Coaching