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How to Write Persuasive Business Reports

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- How to Write Persuasive Business Reports -

Course Overview

For many managers and senior employees, sharing important information and writing business reports is an integral part of their responsibilities. Many people struggle to outline, write and edit business reports and produce reports that are unorganised, wordy, overly formal (or too informal), badly formatted, with no actual message which – results in confusion for the reader and loss of credibility for the author.

Taking the time to plan and identify the report’s main purpose, understanding the reader and the key information and in the right order are some of the skills you’ll learn by attending the How to Write Persuasive Business Reports training.

By the end of this course, you’ll learn how to write reports that engage the reader, have the information structured in the right order and provide a document that gives the reader the information needed to make a decision.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how to prepare the content and structure of your report
  • Discover the elements that make up some of the most common types of reports
  • Learn techniques for making your report clear, credible, professional, and accurate
  • Understand how to best present the content of your report

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the three most common purposes of reports
  • How to tailor the content of a report to meet the specific needs of the audience
  • The three basic components that form the structure of most types of reports
  • Key ideas to highlight in reports that are intended to serve each of the three most common purposes
  • Writing techniques that lead to clear, credible and effective reports
  • How to prevent the conditions that contribute to misrepresenting information
  • How to strike a balance between the big picture and important details when presenting the content of a report
  • Using visual aids to support the presentation and highlight the main idea

Why Learn Online?

Learning new skills online can be perfect for organisations and employees for the following reasons:
  • You only have one or a few employees to train and develop (on a specific training topic)
  • Getting a trainer to your location could be difficult or cost-prohibitive
  • The employees you want to train work from home or are part-time
  • You don’t have the resources to cover for the employees you want to be trained, so allowing them to the training online means they won’t need to leave their work areas
  • Your training budget is limited, and online learning is more cost-effective
  • You want your people trained in a wide range of skills this year,’s online learning provides much better value to get everyone involved in learning and developing themselves.
  • Learn on a desktop
  • Watch on a Tablet
  • Take the training on a Smartphone
  • Develop skills at work or at home