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How to Manage Your Emotions at Work

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- How to Manage Your Emotions at Work -

Course Overview

In a typical workday, employees encounter all sorts of situations with colleagues, customers and problems with the work itself that can spark a variety of emotions. It could be a disagreement over a decision that’s been made, feeling frustrated that your manager is not listening to you and your concerns, conflict with a colleague, or perhaps complete dissatisfaction with your work. To get through the day, it is important to know when and how to express your emotions and when to keep them in check.

How to Manage Your Emotions at Work is designed to give you the tools you need to recognise your emotional triggers and to be able to control your emotional and physical responses, as well as to know how to handle other people’s emotions too. 

By the end of this training you will be able to communicate more effectively with your manager and colleagues, be able to channel negative energy into more positive and productive activities and to know how to boost your overall emotional intelligence.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise the messages your emotions send you at work an in your personal life
  • Understand the trigger-perception-response cycle
  • Reframe your thinking to avoid emotional outbursts
  • Replace emotional outbursts with productive confrontations
  • Recover from your or another person’s emotional outburst
  • Employ long-term strategies to channel emotions productively.

Topics Covered

  • Understand the trigger-perception-response cycle
  • Learn how to recognise your own emotions
  • Discover how you can relate to others’ emotions
  • Actively listen when others are talking
  • Actively participate in interpersonal communication and understand the nonverbal cues of behaviour
  • How to control your thoughts and feelings
  • Manage emotions and express them in a socially acceptable way
  • Receive criticisms positively and benefit from it
  • Learn ways to forgive, and move on rationally from conflict.

Why Learn Online?

Learning new skills online can be perfect for organisations and employees for the following reasons:
  • You only have one or a few employees to train and develop (on a specific training topic)
  • Getting a trainer to your location could be difficult or cost-prohibitive
  • The employees you want to train work from home or are part-time
  • You don’t have the resources to cover for the employees you want to be trained, so allowing them to the training online means they won’t need to leave their work areas
  • Your training budget is limited, and online learning is more cost-effective
  • You want your people trained in a wide range of skills this year,’s online learning provides much better value to get everyone involved in learning and developing themselves.
  • Learn on a desktop
  • Watch on a Tablet
  • Take the training on a Smartphone
  • Develop skills at work or at home