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How to Create Team Chemistry

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- How to Create Team Chemistry -

Course Overview

When you’re managing and leading a team, chemistry amongst your colleagues will sometimes come naturally. Other times trying to get on with everyone and building a cohesive team can be more difficult.

While it’s true that individual team members and their different personalities will certainly play a role, it’s also important to reflect that as a manager, you have the responsibility to create an environment where it’s easy for teammates to trust each other and get along. If you would like to build even greater chemistry within your team, then you will gain a lot of insights from this training session.

During the How to Create Team Chemistry training, you’ll discover that working with team members is like the different elements for a chemistry experiment. If you get the chemical balance right, you can produce a superb product. Get it wrong and you could have a disaster on your hands. Learn how to get it right and your team will celebrate more success.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to select team members to create a high performing team
  • Leverage the strengths of team members to maximise team performance
  • Implement strategies to promote positive interactions
  • Evaluate team processes and team results
  • Recognise the responsibilities of a team leader

Topics Covered

  • Identify and correlate diverse and complementary skills, characteristics and strengths to team roles
  • Encourage positive communication patterns and avoid negative interactions
  • Recognise the symptoms of groupthink and overcoming its prevalence
  • Form a strong team commitment that fosters individual responsibility
  • Uncover the measured outcome by telling a user story
  • Be a strong team leader by acting on feedback, mediating conflict and combatting low morale.

Why Learn Online?

Learning new skills online can be perfect for organisations and employees for the following reasons:
  • You only have one or a few employees to train and develop (on a specific training topic)
  • Getting a trainer to your location could be difficult or cost-prohibitive
  • The employees you want to train work from home or are part-time
  • You don’t have the resources to cover for the employees you want to be trained, so allowing them to the training online means they won’t need to leave their work areas
  • Your training budget is limited, and online learning is more cost-effective
  • You want your people trained in a wide range of skills this year,’s online learning provides much better value to get everyone involved in learning and developing themselves.
  • Learn on a desktop
  • Watch on a Tablet
  • Take the training on a Smartphone
  • Develop skills at work or at home