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How Great Managers Communicate at Work

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- How Great Managers Communicate at Work -

Course Overview

The results of unclear communication can be costly with poor performance, poor  work quality, inefficiency, inability to achieve goals, misunderstandings, frustration, disappointment, anger, reduced job satisfaction and increased turnover.

According to most management experts, having a strong communication skill set is one of the six core competencies a manager needs to develop and improve. Managers need to communicate so that their people know what is expected of them, understand what it is that they’re doing correctly and identify where they might need to improve. Clear communication also helps to increase employees’ motivation and commitment.

During the How Great Managers Communicate at Work training you’ll learn to communicate effectively, build better relationships, encounter fewer problems and achieve your goals more easily.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise the situations in which it is vital for managers to communicate with their employees
  • Understand the role of active listening in effective communication
  • Identify ways to convey your message
  • Effectively communicate performance expectations and performance goals
  • Coach employees and provide feedback
  • Facilitate the learning processes for employees as they take on new tasks
  • Implement strategies for communicating in times of change and uncertainty.

Topics Covered

  • What it means to listen actively and why it is essential for clear communication
  • How to convey your message so that employees have the required information to do their jobs
  • How to communicate the results, actions and behaviours you expect from employees
  • Helping employees to develop and achieve performance goals through a collaborative conversation
  • Techniques for providing useful and focused feedback on performance
  • Helping employees to develop new knowledge and abilities
  • How to use open communication to reduce the negative impacts of change.

Why Learn Online?

Learning new skills online can be perfect for organisations and employees for the following reasons:
  • You only have one or a few employees to train and develop (on a specific training topic)
  • Getting a trainer to your location could be difficult or cost-prohibitive
  • The employees you want to train work from home or are part-time
  • You don’t have the resources to cover for the employees you want to be trained, so allowing them to the training online means they won’t need to leave their work areas
  • Your training budget is limited, and online learning is more cost-effective
  • You want your people trained in a wide range of skills this year,’s online learning provides much better value to get everyone involved in learning and developing themselves.
  • Learn on a desktop
  • Watch on a Tablet
  • Take the training on a Smartphone
  • Develop skills at work or at home