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Developing Your Cultural Intelligence

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- Developing Your Cultural Intelligence -

Course Overview

With increasing globalisation comes diversification in many workplaces, perhaps yours too? As organisations turn to hire employees from different parts of the world, the need for better cultural understanding, appreciation and respect has never been more important.

The culture that a person is brought up in shapes their values, habits and thinking patterns. This impacts their working life from the way they communicate, how they cooperate with colleagues of different gender and even the way they manage their time. 

During the Developing Your Cultural Intelligence training, you will gain the skills to become more aware of your own cultural adaptability. You will be better at acknowledging cultural differences, norms how other cultures view the world. You’ll learn to create rapport with others from different backgrounds and learn how to build bridges and not walls with team members and customers.

Key Learning Outcomes

  •  Identify the elements of cultural competence in the workplace
  • Increase your understanding of your own cultural background and how it affects your perceptions and interpretations of other cultures
  • Recognise the three dimensions of cultural awareness when interacting with other cultures
  • Develop the skills needed to practice respectful and caring behaviour toward culturally diverse individuals and groups
  • Understand how values differ among cultures
  • Identify different communication styles among diverse cultural groups
  • Give and receive feedback in a caring, respectful way

Topics Covered

  • Developing personal cultural awareness
  • How to build rapport and communicate with your entire body
  • Techniques for giving feedback to ensure understanding
  • Hall’s pattern of communication behaviours that support and undermine (or should this be underpin) cultural competency
  • Strategies for handling sensitive situations where cultural differences might be at the centre of the issue

Why Learn Online?

Learning new skills online can be perfect for organisations and employees for the following reasons:
  • You only have one or a few employees to train and develop (on a specific training topic)
  • Getting a trainer to your location could be difficult or cost-prohibitive
  • The employees you want to train work from home or are part-time
  • You don’t have the resources to cover for the employees you want to be trained, so allowing them to the training online means they won’t need to leave their work areas
  • Your training budget is limited, and online learning is more cost-effective
  • You want your people trained in a wide range of skills this year,’s online learning provides much better value to get everyone involved in learning and developing themselves.
  • Learn on a desktop
  • Watch on a Tablet
  • Take the training on a Smartphone
  • Develop skills at work or at home